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At SHTF Property we offer resources for conservatives looking to make a strategic relocation to a safer and more sustainable location.


Our Value Proposition?

Why give you're hard earned dollars to someone who does not support your political views and moral beliefs?

Enough is Enough.

PATRIOT money stays in PATRIOTIC circles.

We have created a confidential database of Conservative REAL ESTATE and CONSULTING Professionals available ONLY to our Private Clients.


Looking for a Like-Minded Real Estate Professional? Look no further than...

Black Rifle Real Estate

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Black Rifle Real Estate

Conservative Real Estate Professionals!



Q.  Where can I find in-depth resources to help me in my Strategic Relocation?

A. Please visit our flagship Strategic Relocation website at

Q.  Is Flee The City a Real Estate Company or Broker?

A. No.

Q. Does Flee The City or Survival Retreat Consulting charge a commission or referral fee?

A. No. SHTF Property .com does not charge or earn a referral fee or commission in any way. We are paid a Flat Fee for our verified leads to American Redoubt Realty, Inc. You, as a Member, are not responsible for such Flat Fee or any other fee relating to joining SHTF Property .com.

Q. What do these Affiliated Conservative Real Estate Brokers charge for their services?

A.  American Redoubt Realty, Inc. and all of their affiliates operate under brokerages which are independently owned and operated. SHTF Property .com is not involved in the quoting or setting of fees or commissions. Therefore, any discussion of fees can be handled directly with Black Rifle Real Estate and Idaho licensed Real Estate Brokerage OR the referred affiliated brokerage or agent in your locale once they have contacted you.


DISCLOSURE: and, are all private membership only consulting and marketing firms specializing in Strategic Relocation to the American Redoubt. None of which are licensed Real Estate Brokerage Firms in any state. All of these firms and websites are owned by Todd Savage, a Redoubt Patriot, who owns Black Rifle Real Estate, which is an LLC Licensed to conduct Real Estate Brokerage business in the free state of Idaho. An Affiliated Business Disclosure is available upon request.